Both Emmas Faces are Priceless

She just shakes her head like “this dumb bitch”

Emma Stone’s face is the face of “I will kill you and no one will find the body.” 

she gross.

Wow did she really say that?

Wow rude.

You can just hear both of them thinking “I worked my ass off. I delivered a complex, three dimensional performance, and this chick won for BITING HER LIP and FROWNING?”

EW: Hey, Emma?

ES: Yeah Emma?

EW: Want to fuck a bitch up?

ES: Oh god yes.

I love Stone’s face is just like, “Hahaha, I’m going to kill you in your sleep on Christmas, that’s gonna be so fun.”

But Watson’s - oh man.

Evidently Watsons have trouble hiding their displeasure when other people win awards that they shouldn’t -


Meanwhile, someone is using the Hell Correspondence…

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